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AIC Managed Services and IT Services
Managed Teams

Dedicated on-site information technology support

It’s difficult to keep a handle on your IT budget when support costs vary widely from month to month. AIC Managed Teams offer predictable costs for IT budgeting and planning, while delivering a highly skilled team and experienced management support. Our Managed Teams provide shared management with your team and partners with your organization to successfully execute your IT projects and initiatives. AIC can quickly and efficiently acquire resources and align them with your priorities and goals. Our teams are fast, focused and flexible. With the managed team approach, we share the risk and responsibility.

AIC can assemble a Managed Team for projects such as development, maintenance, user support, testing and hardware rollouts. Our unique approach to Managed Teams adapts to the changing needs of your business and your project objectives.

The AIC Advantage

  • Fast. AIC can quickly and effectively source highly qualified candidates that match your requirements and compliment your existing team. Our efficient on-boarding and hiring processes eliminate wasted time sourcing and qualifying candidates.
  • Flexible. Our teams are able to scale up or down in response to the changing needs of your business. We can quickly adapt to the ebb and flow of any changing organization and shift in requirements.
  • Focused. Pay for what you need, not what you don't. AIC's Managed Teams are comprised of highly talented IT professionals whose skills align with your business and your project objectives.


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