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Referral Programs

Do you know a rock star in the IT industry who would be a perfect fit for an opportunity at AIC? Have a connection to a great sales opportunity for AIC? If so, please let us know!

Sales Lead and Candidate Referral Programs*

A Referral Bonus of $500 will be paid to individuals affiliated with AIC who submit a candidate that results in a hire. Bonus will also be paid to those who inform the Company of a sales opportunity that leads to new business.

The Sales Lead and Candidate Referral Program is primarily intended for AIC employees and subcontractors. However, AIC will give a $250 Visa gift card to anyone outside our organization that refers a candidate or sales lead that results in a placement or new business for AIC. 

How to Make a Referral

Contact us at to get started with the process.

*Bonuses for referrals are paid after the referred hire has been on active payroll or the new business has been underway for 30 days. There is an annual limit of two gift cards per person. If a candidate’s name or a sales opportunity is submitted by more than one person, the first person to submit the proper documentation will receive credit. The candidate or sales lead must not be in our system from a previous referral.

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